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Welcome to FFT Technologies


FFT is a science based company formed 25 years ago with the mission of utilizing bio based materials to solve complex environmental issues. Using science, supported by data and facts, FFT has developed a broad set of products.

FFT Products are designed to produce innovative solutions for the energy, agricultural, turf, and consumer industries. FFT utilizes a combination of bio based materials to formulate products that separate complex molecular chains into nano particles. FFT scientific innovations provides unique solutions to  many complex environmental challenges.

These innovative product properties, in a pH neutral form, provide a host of environmentally important applications in multiple industries.

Please visit the details of our website. You will see a list of our products and we will show you pictures and videos of both our science and specific applications and results.

We are very proud of our history of successful environmentally centric products.

FFT Lines of Business

  • Oil & Gas
  • Golf
  • Agriculture
  • Wastewater
  • Commercial / Consumer Cleaning
  • Military

FFT Scientific Principles

FFT Technologies Receives Export Achievement Award

FFT Technologies (formerly Fog Free Technologies) was presented the U.S. Commercial Service’s Export Achievement Certificate at the World Trade Center Charleston, International Trade Luncheon on Wednesday, July 22nd.

The Export Achievement Award was created in 2001 by the U.S. Commercial Service to recognize small and medium-sized businesses that have successfully started exporting or that have successfully entered a new export market.   World Trade Center Charleston (WTCC) provides export assistance and training for local companies. 

Expanding business means finding more customers.  Two-thirds of the global economy is outside of the U.S.  Large corporations are active in international trade but it can also be beneficial for small businesses which drive our nation’s job growth.  Recent data indicates small businesses that export their products to foreign markets are increasing their sales, paying higher wages, experiencing higher productivity rates and employing more workers. 

FFT Technologies was founded in 1991 with an aim to become an environmentally friendly products industry leader that would offer a solution to problems that had significant negative environmental impacts.  Their first product line tackled finding an environmentally friendly solution for the Fats, Oils, and Grease in Municipal Waste Water facilities.  After the Deepwater Horizon accident and oil spill in 2010, Fog Free formed an Oil Remediation Division and developed a patented nontoxic dispersant, FFT-Solution, made of natural, organic substances and 100% toxin-free and bio-degradable safe ingredients.  FFT-Solution changes the dispersed crude oil particles into smaller hydrocarbons that are 100% digestible by the existing bacteria in the ocean and on land.

Recently the company expanded into bio-active products.   FFT Agriculture has developed products to make a financial difference to farmers and provide healthier, faster growing crops from products with no harmful residuals.  FFT Turf provides golf courses with healthier, fuller and faster growth for less cost.

Robert Williams, Melissa Roberts and William "Doc" Knight with the Export Achievement Award.
FFT Management Team

Remarks by Robert Williams CEO, FFT Technologies at  World Trade Center Charleston, International Trade Luncheon

Each of the FFT Technology product divisions listed below provide solutions based on our plant based technologies and each are providing more value per dollar than traditional solutions. The links below will bring you to each of the other product divisions.