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AG-Force l releases nutrients trapped in a plants rootzone, through an increase in the cation-exchange capacity of the soil.

AG-Force GT is a natural soil conditioner, made up of decayed organic matter, that increase the amount of minerals in your soil.

AG-Force ll naturally breaks down micro-nutrients found within compost, making them more readily available to naturally occurring fungi and bacteria, ag pic

AG-FORCE III increases photosynthesis uptake of plant, thus increasing brix. With the increase in Brix the plants natural immune system increases.

AG-FORCE IV (Wetting Agent) A substance that reduces the surface tension of a liquid, causing the liquid to spread across or penetrate more easily the surface of a solid.

FFT ECSIA Aquaculture/Hydroponics FFT ECSIA FORCE AQUACULTURE/Hydroponics assists in the breakdown of biosolids, TSS (Total Suspended Solids) and TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), making for a cleaner aquatic environment for fish and crustaceans. That cleaner environment FFT ECSIA Aquaculture/Hydroponics helps to decrease the risk of disease and stress on fish and crustaceans. FFT ECSIA Aquaculture/Hydroponics helps breakdown biosolids, TSS and TDS FFT ECSIA Aquaculture/Hydroponics decreases diseases and stress on fish and crustaceans Historically chemicals and growth additives have been anything but green.

FFT Turf

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FFT REBUILD breaks the caked fertilizer and other components into smaller molecules which makes the fertilizer available for uptake and other components are washed away and the roots are freed to operate more efficiently.

FFT RECOVER is a premium wetting agent that promotes uniform hydration within mineral soils. turf p2

FFT RECLAIM increases nutrient uptake, drought tolerance and seed germination. It increases the microbial activity in the soil making it an excellent root stimulator and it increases the availability of nutrients that are already in your soil.

FFT GREEN LEAF a specialty blend of green pigment and surfactants giving extended color and superior longevity for your turf.

FFT POND DYE shades, protects, and beautifies your pond water.

FFT-INDICATOR DYES spray indicator dyes in water soluble liquid. Equipment safe, non-toxic and non-corrosive.



FFT Wastewater

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FFC-100™  Grease Dispersal Agent used to dissolve FOG (Fat, Oil & Grease) in the lines of Wastewater system. ww

FFC-100E   Grease Dispersal Agent with Enzymes

FFC-500LF™ For treating waste water from multiple sources including grey water, oily water, and other water contaminated with fats, oils, and greases in common or separate treatment tanks.

Odor Mite A customized technology for odor control that works by fogging a headspace or wet well that contain concentrations of Hydrogen sulfide.

FFT- Safe Descaler Takes care of scale in both municipal water and wastewater applications.

FFC- Vac Truck Mix Assists Vactor Trucks in cleaning grease in collection system force and gravity mains. As the truck uses its cleaning nozzle to break up clogs due to grease buildup, the mix keeps the suspended grease from reforming downstream at the next lift station.

FFC Orange Fragrance Blend

FFT Energy

FFC Marine Product for clean Marine bilge of oily water and other biocontaniments.
FFC-500-S™ Treatment of petroleum storage tanks
FFC-500LF™ Multiple Waste Water Source Treatment Solution.   Chemical Use    For treating waste water from multiple sources including grey water, oily water, and other water contaminated with fats, oils, and greases in common or separate treatment tanks.

FFT Cleaning

FFT-Solution® Nontoxic Oil Dispersant – listed on the NCP
FFC-500LF™ -- low foaming oily water decontamination chemical treatment
FFT Rig Wash – surface cleaning agent for oil rig work areas
FFT Petroleum Cleaning Agent – cleans refined and crude petroleum product from equipment and work surfaces
FFT Sediment Treatment Agent – contaminated soil remediation
FFC Marine -- cleaning agent for compartments, bilges, and other holding tanks containing oily water
FFT Laundry Cleaner – commercial laundry cleaning agent for heavy duty oil stains

FFT Power Powder